Wellness and Resilience
Practices for Teachers

Hi, I'm Julie. I coach teachers in large groups and individually so they can live their best lives both in and out of the classroom. 

When teachers are supported in all areas of self-care, wellness, and resilience practices, they feel better, do better and model these practices in the classroom for their students.

Julie leads teachers through these resilience and self-care practices and then gives teachers the tools to share them with their students:

Teachers have the opportunity to practice:


daily wellness/self-care

mindfulness & relaxation

setting boundaries

compassion for students

routines and transitions



Creatively solve problems.

(Work of Adam Grant)

Invite supportive connections and community.

(The Four Agreements)

Cultivate optimism and gratitude.

(Wisdom teachers)

Our professional learning plan is simple.

Julie offers weekly videos on a platform for participating districts. Teachers will receive bite-sized support, learning, and inspiration throughout each week.

These videos include weekly live videos and short pre-recorded sessions including mindfulness and relaxation practices. All videos can be viewed at any time.

This year's contract is from January--June with free bonus programming throughout the summer.

If your district wishes to renew your subscription for the 2022-2023 school year, it will be a 10 month contract, again with free programming over the summer months.



Lead with character strengths.

(Via Strengths)

Be aware of feelings, emotions and thoughts. (RULER Method)

Embrace a growth mindset.

(Work of Carol Dweck)