Radiance Coaching for Teachers

because it's time to shine even brighter both in and out of the classroom

teacher resilience/wellness coaching


My mission is to empower and inspire educators as they create the lives of their dreams.

Are you ready to transform your life and the way you show up in the world?!

I was fortunate to work with a life coach for six years. Our work together was a catalyst for my transformation and growth. Our talks helped me to become clear about my work and life goals, growing and evolving in all areas of my life. Eventually I was able to set and maintain boundaries, let go of what was not serving me, simplify my life, look at my work through fresh eyes, brainstorm creative solutions to pressing challenges, and value my worth. Yes, this is a lifelong process but the guidance, support, wisdom, motivation, and compassion that I received from my coach is transformational and still improves my life today. 


One of my goals for 2021-2022 school year is to offer this same level of support in the form of resilience/wellness coaching to teachers. Through my research on teacher resilience and burnout, I am positive that one of the best ways to support a busy teacher is through individual coaching sessions. In this case it is two 50 minute sessions a month via Zoom video conferencing at our mutual convenience and additional email/texts throughout the month as needed. The monthly fee is $175.


If you feel called to work with me to improve your life in all areas, then send me an email outlining why this is the right time for you to enter into a coaching relationship, one of the most empowering, truthful, catalyzing relationships of your life.