Envision your wellness as priority #1 this school year!

Radiance Coaching
for Teachers

because it's time to shine even brighter both in and out of the classroom



Imagine designing the life of your dreams and then living it! 

You have the power to create the most amazing life in 2021!

If you are ready to:


identify, eliminate, and release blocks and old patterns that are holding you back;

create and implement a wellness plan that fills you up and brings ease & joy into your life;


transition into the life of your dreams

then submit this form and let's get started!

Group Coaching
if you want to feel seen and heard as you interact with like-minded teachers in a supportive community 

includes two 75 minute sessions with small group interaction on the first and third weeks of the month ($33/month)

add one individual coaching session with Julie on the second or forth week of each month plus the two 75 minute group sessions ($100/month)

Individual Coaching
if you want to increase joy, motivation and authenticity in your work life and personal life ($100/hour)


Working in an educational setting is intense and requires you to give so much of yourself. Let's create an individualized wellness plan that will support you on the daily, simplify your life, and create the space for your priorities.



If you feel called to to enter into a coaching relationship with Julie, one of the most empowering, truthful, catalyzing relationships of your life, then please submit this form.