Is Your Cup Empty?

Welcome to Simplify, Rejuvenate, Teach: Extreme Self-care for Teachers! I'm Julie Sochacki---a professor, university supervisor in the field, and program director of secondary English education at University of Hartford, where I work with some really amazing people!

My passion is coaching teacher candidates and guiding them as they become novice teachers. I also love everything related to self care including clean eating, growing veggies and preparing delicious simple and healthy meals for my family. I’m a wife to my best friend and a mom of two boys. I am also a Kripalu Yoga teacher who loves aromatherapy, gratitude journaling, and getting out in nature to walk, hike and kayak. I strive to live a balanced life filled with a little bit of all of my interests including partnering with others to create an equitable, just and sustainable public educational system for all students.

Through my research and practice I strongly believe that by simplifying and rejuvenating you will become a more effective teacher and have a better quality of life both in and out of the classroom. These blog posts will be short yet powerful and are intended to inspire you with self-care tips for your week ahead. Look for them on Sundays!

When I was in the classroom full-time, I remember how tiring and taxing some days were. My mission is to make life easier for you and other teachers, to support and inspire you to upgrade your life both in and out of the classroom. As a former urban ELA teacher and literacy specialist, I know the daily demands and rewards of teaching. I know the time, effort and work involved. I know the sacrifices that you make to create a classroom environment in which your students will thrive. The more we give, the more we must renew. I am here to support you as you take the steps to live your best life!

What led me to research teacher self-care as it relates to classroom management? As a coach I've realized that before I can coach a new teacher about how to thrive in a secondary classroom, I first must coach them on improving their quality of life. I first need to work with them to upgrade their lives and through that process they become effective, resilient teachers. It’s an important, holistic process ensuring that the teachers who leave my program are resilient and have the skills to succeed. There is a correlation between teacher self-care and classroom management. That's when I without a doubt confirmed that the level of self-care in our lives can literally change everything. It's a matter of merely surviving without a high level of self-care to instead thriving in a life filled with self-care. If your cup is empty, you have nothing to give to your students. Or like the old analogy of the parent in an emergency situation on an airplane who must first put her oxygen mask on before assisting her child, so must you in the classroom with your students. You must take care of yourself first so then you can be there fully and completely for your students.

I’m inviting you to embark on a self-care journey with me! Make this school year the best yet. Spend time simplifying your life and rejuvenating so that you can bring your very best self into the classroom. You deserve this, and I will bring you weekly tips and ideas to incorporate more self care into your life.

Take good care!

Until next time,


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